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If you've tried using logic, consequences, behavior modification, positive discipline, even yelling and isolation with your child, only to find yourself completely frustrated and depleted, you've come to the right place! The Beyond Consequences Institute specializes in providing proven and effective resources for raising challenging children, especially children who have experienced any type of trauma in the past. Our scientifically based model for parenting has been shown over and over to help families find the healing that they have been looking for after years of "trying everything and nothing worked."


Books, DVD's, & CD's for Parents


Beyond Consequences, Logic, and Control: Volume 1

This first volume of Beyond Consequences lays out the basics of this revolutionary and simple parenting paradigm. Easy to read and filled with practical examples, this book will equip you to start parenting from a place of unconditional love and begin the road to healing for your family. Whether you are parenting your biological, adopted, or foster children, the Beyond Consequences relationship model shows how to connect with your children and bring your family peace and healing.

Beyond Consequences, Logic, and Control: Volume 2


The second volume of Beyond, Consequences, Logic, and Control is an evolution of the first volume; it begins where Volume 1 left off! It offers even more empowering examples and more practical applications. This book includes current research on the brain and how it affects behavior, giving you scientific explanations of why children misbehave. This isn't just a book for parents of adopted or foster children. This is a book for parents of all children who seek to love unconditionally!


Dare to Love: The Art of Merging Science and Love Into Parenting Children with Difficult Behaviors

Emerging science has helped us to understand children better from a neurological and behavioral standpoint. Yet, all the academic research coupled with the best diagnoses for children can still leave parents feeling completely powerless. Dare to Love describes in detail, through a series of questions and answers, how to merge science into everyday parenting. This book gives practical, effective, and loving solutions for any parent struggling with his or her child. 

The Gingerbread Girl

Full of pizzazz and adventure, The Gingerbread Girl takes children on an exploratory journey of emotions, survival challenges, and determination. Written from a trauma perspective, unlike the traditional Gingerbread Boy store, it has a different ending (SPOILER ALERT) that shows how even in the most challenging situations, you can still remain in a place of personal power and confidence. The Gingerbread Girl includes an in-depth social/emotional discussion guide, designed to be an example of how any traditional storybook can be used as a social/emotional learning experience for children.

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Beyond Consequences Live DVD

Heather T. Forbes, LCSW delivers one of her best presentations to a group of parents and professionals seeking advice about raising and working with children with difficult and severe behaviors. This 4-Part DVD is packed full of Heather's signature teaching style, ROLEPLAYS. There is no better way to learn how to put love into action other than watching roleplays of typical parenting scenarios. Heather spontaneously demonstrates her techniques to show you what love looks like in action.

Dare to Love Yourself CD Set

This 2-Part CD set is designed to be your resource for finding peace and happiness in your life. This unique resource will help you move from a place of pain, frustration, and overwhelm to happiness, harmony, and joy. Included are meditations to help distance yourself from negative emotions, affirmations to move you to the next level of thinking positively and an all-new soundtrack created specifically to enhance your experience and healing.

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The Best of Q&A CD Set​

This 6-disc audio CD set, for parents and professionals, is a compilation of the very best Q&A Heather T. Forbes, LCSW, has done with her parents through her online parenting classes over the past several years. This one-of-a-kind audio set contains seven hours of practical, and love solutions for foster, adopted, and traumatized children.

Making Sense of our Complex Children

In this 10-Volume educational DVD series, Heather T. Forbes, LCSW interviews world-renowned developmental neuropsychologist, Dr. Ronald S. Federici to explore the complex issues surrounding children from traumatic and chaotic backgrounds. Through each interview, Forbes and Federici work to explore every angle from the parent to the professional to the child perspective in order to fully understand the issues families face under the complexity of raising trauma.

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