“Healing is Possible!”

If you've tried using logic, consequences, behavior modification, yelling and isolation with your children, all to find out that none of it worked, or even made things worse, you know what it is like to find yourself beyond your window of tolerance. This parenting training can change all of that.

Come join Heather T. Forbes, LCSW LIVE for a full day parent empowerment event like none other! This event will move you from a place of hopelessness to a place full of hope and love. You’ll actually want to go home to be with your children.


Experience Heather's books in person!

Here is what you will gain from this event:

  • Learn how to connect with even the most difficult and resistant child.

  • Defeat negative and contradictory beliefs about your child’s future.

  • Understand fears about implementing a parenting model that is void of parental consequences.

  • See the fear behind statements like, “You can’t make me” or “You’re not my real mom/dad.”

  • Learn how to help a child at his core emotional level during times of defiance, aggression, and disrespect.

  • See why children and trauma histories are sensitive to stress. Reclaim your own self-love and understand your reactivity that can be beyond your own understanding.

  • Find hope.

Peace is possible, healing is possible, and strong relationships with your children are possible. It just takes a new understanding and a new perspective to make sense of all the chaos and turmoil. The best part about this is you receive a FREE book and a FREE registration for a support person! Choose from any of her books, Beyond Consequences, Logic and Control: Volume 1 or Volume 2, Dare to Love, or Help for Billy.

Heather knows from professional experience, but even more importantly, she knows from her own personal experience with two adopted children that the Beyond Consequences approach works. This training is a gift of healing to you!



"I brought five families to the
training. I wish I could have
brought five hundred. This
message needs to get out.
It will change our nation one
family at a time as we catch the


"We traveled from Kentucky to
California. It was worth every
mile! Your teaching, honesty,
understanding and strategies
are exciting for parents who feel
desperate. We go home now with
a new understanding of our 7 year
old from Russia. Your message is
challenging but inspiring! All things
are possible. Love Never Fails!
Thank you!


"This was the best hands-on kind
of training I have ever attended.
I can use thisin my work and
with my grand children. Material
was relevant and gave much
insight into what CAN be done."


"As a professional working with
juveniles in the court system,
it is very important to identify
appropriate treatment. Attending
this seminar has provided me
information that will help
accomplish this. I have a whole
new perspective to share with
the families on my caseload."


family of four

Join Heather T. Forbes, LCSW for a full day of training at the following locations:

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BCI Live: Seattle, WA   BCI Live: chicago coming soon!
BCI Live Cincinnati coming soon!    

See you there!


***In the unlikely event of circumstances beyond our control, Beyond Consequences reserves the right to amend or cancel any event. Beyond Consequences is not liable for any expense incurred by participants as a
result of cancellation.