June 29 - July 1, 2020

Information Needed for Registration 

You will need the following items to complete your registraton:

  • First & Last Name (as it will appear on your badge)

  • Email

  • Job Title/Position

  • School or Company Name

  • School or Company Address

  • Mobile Phone Number

  • Work Phone Number

  • Billing Address 

  • Credit Card or P.O.**

**Please note: If submitting a purchase order, you will be required to upload the P.O. during the registration process. Need a copy of our W9? Please click here.

Group Registrations 


You will be given two options after completing the first Attendee's information and before the payment page.

Option 1 - "Register Another" 
This will allow you to enter the required registration information for any additional attendees, one at a time.

Option 2 - "Bulk Registration" - AVAILABLE FOR P.O.s AND CREDIT CARDS
This will allow you to upload a .xls (Excel) file with all of the required attendee information. You MUST USE this form for Bulk Registration to ensure all attendees are properly registered. Do not include the first Attendee in this form file since you have already completed the registration information for this person.

Need Assistance Registering?
Please contact Florence directly at florence@tisc-summer.com

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