As a professional working in the mental health field, getting the right tools and understanding to help families spiralling in crisis is imperative. At the Beyond Consequences Institute, we believe the best way to "meet your clients where they're at" is to be trained within the perspective of the parent. Understanding how challenging it is to raise a child whose behaviors are extreme makes for an effective therapist, caseworker, or parent coach. And because we are all working with the same child, we offer the same trainings to both parents and professionals. The more that we can all be working from the same understanding, the more chance we have for healing to happen. We hope you'll allow us to support you in your work with some of the toughest cases on your caseload.

Beyond Consequences LIVE! DVD


Heather T. Forbes, LCSW delivers one of her best presentations to a group of parents and professionals seeking advice about raising and working with children with difficult and severe behaviors.

A Study Guide for Help for Billy


This chapter by chapter study guide follows the ground-breaking book, "Help for Billy: A Beyond Consequences Approach to Working with Challenging Children in the Classroom." It is created for teachers to help in creating trauma-sensitive classrooms.

An Evening with Heather Forbes

Spend an evening with Heather and deepen your understanding of what trauma does to a child's brain as well as the child's behavior. The topics vary and past events are available for immediate viewing.

On-Demand Parenting Course


Need training right NOW? This OnDemand Course will give you immediate access to a pre-recorded ten session course. Once registered, you will have immediate access to the training videos.


All the resources listed are absolutely FREE for you! The more you can deepen your understanding of the effects of trauma and the driving force behind negative behaviors, the more you'll be able to support the families you serve. Changing the traditional paradigm of fear related interventions is what is needed to effectively help children and families heal from trauma.

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