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With this comprehensive online training platform, developed by trauma expert Heather T. Forbes, LCSW, becoming a trauma-informed school is easy, cost-effective, and available to your entire staff 24/7.


Trauma-Informed Online Academy

The premier training program for schools and academic institutions to become trauma-informed.

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Become a Trauma-Informed School

With this online training program, you and your staff have flexible options on how trainings can be incorporated into your already over-loaded schedules.  

Flexibility for Staff Training


Staff can work independently and work through the content and courses on this platform with the flexibility of doing it on their own time. Accountability is tracked on the backend so administrators can log-in and verify their efforts. Additionally, this allows teachers coming in mid-year to catch up on professional development days they missed at the beginning of the year.

Small Groups

Online training programs don't mean they have to be done in isolation. Small groups, meeting at a designated time each week, create consistency and team building. Discussions amongst participants can enhance the learning and tremendously deepen the understanding and application of what it means to be trauma-informed in the classroom.

All Staff Meetings

Principals around the nation are using this program on their early dismissal days at their all-staff meetings. Working through the content a little each week allows for a thorough and long-term understanding. Implementing from a top-down and administrator led program can improve sustainability and teacher buy-in with any resistant staff.

Cutting Edge Content

Designed and hosted by Heather T. Forbes, LCSW, one of the world's leading trauma-informed experts, this online platform provides all the information you will need to successfully implement a trauma-informed model into your schools and throughout your district. Log-in at any time for video driven contain from multiple experts from various fields, including cutting-edge teachers and administrators from around the nation. The content goes far beyond theory, giving you the "how-to" techniques and examples to effectively become trauma-informed.

Courses to Meet Everybody's Needs

Courses to Meet Everybody's Needs

There are four distinct tracks to meet your staff's level of trauma understanding. Each track contains video content with classroom scenarios and presentations from trauma experts, as well as reflective writing assignments, discussion boards, and most importantly, accountability assessments. 

Still Wanting Heather T. Forbes, LCSW at Your School for a One-Day Professional Development Training?

Heather's one-day professional development training is part of this online academy. With this online academy, you not only get her full-day training (on video) but you also get almost 50 more hours of additional content for less the cost! Consider the flexibility and benefits of this online academy that will keep your staff abreast of the best trauma-informed content for an entire year, not just one day!

Sample of Heather's Full-Day "Help for Billy" Training

Besides the "Help for Billy" training, you also get access to the cutting-edge content from these other four video libraries:

  • The Trauma-Informed Conference "On-Demand"

Our Trauma-Informed School Conference® was held twice a year with the best speakers on trauma. Each conference, we film the best sessions so all your staff can experience this conference "On-Demand" through the Trauma-Informed Online Academy. This also means that this content is continually being updated with new content from each conference.

  • Video Dramatizations - Elementary & Secondary

This module of the online academy shows you real life scenarios in actual classrooms. Filmed on location in St. Charles, Missouri, teachers illustrate what happens when they fail to intervene properly. First you are given an unproductive approach that only escalates the problem. Then you see how to properly intervene in a trauma-informed way with practical strategies. Extensive commentary from Heather Forbes accompanies each scenario.

  • Families in Conflict - Dramatizations 

This unique and ground-breaking program offers numerous dramatizations including children endlessly arguing about everything, managing sibling harassment, saying no to your child, coping with tempers, confronting a child about poor grades, keeping cool and many more. Watch and listen as Heather shows you two different ways to handle each conflict – both an unproductive approach and a productive approach successfully and lovingly.

  • Parenting the Difficult Child

Are you overwhelmed by the challenges of raising your child? You’re not alone. In this popular video program, you will see Heather hosting one of her practical and emotional parent workshops. Learn about parenting with acceptance, the negative loop of trying to change behavior and how to start over by asking the right questions. You will gain new insight into children who suffer from trauma, their brain science and why they feel hopeless, helpless and powerless.

Online Trainings Out Perform PD Days

Becoming trauma-informed requires an entire culture shift.

One and done trainings just aren't enough to create real change...they only scratch the surface. For long-term change, it takes continual learning to be able to create the paradigm shift needed.


• Shandon Joint UnifiedSD • Shasta County • Chaffey Joint UnionHigh • Clovis USD • Traft Union High School District• Grand Mesa Choice Academy • Santa Fe Trail BOCES - Wiley School • Holyoke S.D. Re-1J • Buffalo SD – Merino School • Moffat Consolidated School District # 2 • Maria L Greenwood Academy • SAU 89 School District • Shambaugh Elementary School • Lincoln Elementary • Bourbonnais Elementary #53 • Lincoln Elementary  • Collinsville CUSD #10 - Hollywood Heights • Hoopeston • Mount Pleasant Community Schools • Scavo Full Service High School • Edison Elementary • Northwestern College• Lincoln Elementary School - Lincoln USD  • Derby Elementary • Chanute Elementary School - Chanute USD • West End School  • Monroe Public Schools • Kalkaska Public Schools • Wentzville SD • Francis Howell SD • Fort Zumwalt SD • City of Saint Charles SD  • Orchard Farms • Delta R5 • West Chester University • Richland II School District • Hayward Elementary • Laura B. Anderson • Pathfinder Achievement  Center • Toledo SD • Cabell County • OMID Foundation • Escambia - C.A. Weis Elementary • Wolf Point School District • Miley Achievement Center • Mineral SD • Alice Taylor Elementary • Anderson Elementary • Doral Academy - Red Rock Elementary • Glenn Duncan • Jacks Valley Elementary  • Mater Academy • Minden Elementary • Sonoma Heights • Stead Elementary • Yerington Elementary • Hackettstown • Norwich CIty SD • Schenectady City Schools • Oneonta City School District • Hackettstown

It's as easy as an annual subscription. That's it.

For the price of one annual school subscription, all staff members will have unlimited access to all six of the resources in the Trauma-Informed Online Academy listed above. This essential set of support materials ensures that EVERY staff member will be able to log in, watch, and learn, and discuss. Build a school support team so students who have experienced trauma get the help they need.

  • Unlimited ID’s for all staff (teachers, administrators, substitute teachers, paraprofessionals, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, etc.).

  • 15 extra ID's for parents who are currently dealing with trauma in their families.

No Surprise Pricing.


per school for one year

(This includes all the resources you need to facilitate a year long staff development program. 50 hours of online video, 17 self-paced online course, 12 month subscription)

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This is NOT a Boring 1990's Online Training!

This online academy is a video driven program with speakers from around the nation. Most importantly, it includes classroom scenarios to show you HOW to respond in a trauma-informed way. These scenarios will help your staff to bridge the gap between ACEs and real-life classroom behavior!

In the heat of the moment, do you and your staff know how to respond when a student... 

...disrespects the teacher.

...runs out of the classroom.

...refuses to put a phone away. being a class clown.

...becomes aggressive.

...misbehaves for a substitute.

This online academy gives you the answers to these scenarios and more! Call today for more information on this one-of-a-kind platform designed to give you the very best tools and techniques so your school and/or district can become a successful trauma-informed school. Not only will you see the behaviors of your students improve, you'll see an increase in your attendance rates and most importantly, an increase in the academic success of your students!



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Listen to Ray Lozano, Principal of Weldon Elementary School in California, to hear more about how he has been able to get his school staff to be fully trauma-informed.