A Study Guide for Help for Billy: A Chapter by Chapter Guide for Teachers

This chapter by chapter study guide follows the ground-breaking book, "Help for Billy: A Beyond Consequences Approach to Working with Challenging Children in the Classroom." It is created for teachers to help in creating trauma-informed classrooms. This study guide is a must for any teacher, school, or school district needing to answer the question, "What does this really look like to have a trauma-informed focus?"


This guide is ideal to be used for a book study group of educators to generate discussions, explore new approaches, and implement effective strategies for students who exhibit challenging behaviors. Start a Leadership Team by getting your most passionate teachers and other school personnel to dive into this material and learn what it really means to be have a trauma-informed platform.


"The book study (using the Help for Billy Study Guide) went great! Putting teachers in small groups worked really nicely and it led to in-depth and meaningful discussions. I'm hopeful about next year and the direction we're headed, thanks to the book and study guide. I have four new teachers hired and I am very excited. They are reading the book this summer and I'm going to lead them through a 'trauma boot camp' with these resources in late July to get them caught up. We couldn't have done it without these incredible resources!"


James Mofffett (Principal) and Amy Wells (Teacher)

“I've finished Help for Billy and the Study Guide. Thank you so much; they were the exact materials I've been looking for. I found that they both resonated deeply with my beliefs and experiences with students. As I'm sure many teachers do, I saw the faces of former students on each page. I gained new ideas for working with students and felt validated in some things I already do.”


John (Classroom Teacher)

“I think every teacher, administrator, paraprofessional and anyone who works with children or teens in an academic setting would greatly benefit from this information. This isn’t the “magic pill” or secret to dealing with challenging students—however, it will help provide a different framework to view these students. This new perspective then opens the door to new ideas and methods that can better connect teachers with students and help teachers be more effective.”

“Help for Billy was eye-opening and reminded me of the many reasons I got into education and know the fight for our kids is relevant.”

“Help for Billy gave me such perspective in dealing with more challenging students. They learn differently because of the trauma in their lives. We as educators need to be able to adapt our ways of teaching but more importantly, our thinking.”

“Help for Billy helped me have a heart change concerning working with challenging children. I can think of several children by name that I could have dealt with in a better way if I had been aware of this information earlier. I highly recommend it for all teachers

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