"Battling Bad Behavior"

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Join Heather T. Forbes, LCSW for this 75-minute webinar to empower you to bridge the gap between neuroscience and "bad" behaviors.

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Neuroscience Meets Disobedience

With the advancements in technology, we are now able to see how trauma impacts a child at both the neurological and brain levels. While this information is fascinating, concrete, and factual, understanding how it translates into everyday application is a whole other discussion. When it comes to working with a child impacted by trauma, the reality is that in the moment when the child is yelling, screaming, or completely disregarding any adult authority, the science is the last thing on your mind!

Bridging the Gap!

Join Heather T. Forbes, LCSW for this webinar to gain a deeper insight into how to bridge the gap between science and bad behaviors. The more you are able to link these two together, the more you will be equipped to translate the science into effective techniques and solutions, no matter what behavior your child or student exhibits during these “raw” moments. As a parent herself, one of Heather’s pet peeves was sitting through highly scientific conferences showing the latest and greatest of neuroscience from world renowned experts in the field of trauma but only to go home to a battleground of acting out behaviors with her children and feeling completely powerless and incompetent with no ability to help these intense moments

It's Really Not About the Behavior

In this webinar, Heather will clearly and succinctly explain how, when we look beyond the behaviors, the science really is giving us the answers. Her ability to break the scientific concepts down into everyday application will give you everything you are need to help a child not only change his/her behavior, but to heal from traumatic experiences. She will give multiple examples of typical behaviors we see from children impacted by trauma and apply the science in a practical and common sense way. You’ll finish the webinar feeling like, “Finally, now I get what this actually looks like in ‘real’ life!”

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Finishing the Unfinished Business of Trauma

One of the best ways to help a child who is struggling with an overabundance of stress is to help the child calm down. However, there are certain times when calming down won't work. Let how to help children discharge trauma.


Traditionally, it was believed that a child's brain was almost fully developed during the first few years of life. As it turns out and as many parents can attest to, the brain undergoes massive changes during the teenage years.

Different levels of development that are compromised due to childhood trauma. These include cognitive, language, academic, physical, social, and emotional development.

Developmental Trauma


Boundaries are different from consequences...it is a matter of removing the fear. Learn how to lovingly implement limits in a way to build connection and offer emotional safety.

Boundaries vs. Consequences


Many children with developmental trauma in their histories are masters at manipulation. Learn how to help your child change this unhealthy passive aggressive strategy of manipulation.

Manipulation Madness


Getting your chlid's school to provide the resources he/she needs can sometimes turn into a war of the wills. Learn how to properly prepare yourself and to advocate for your child, no matter the barriers.

Surviving School Meetings


Sharing your child's trauma story is a vital part of your child's healing process. In this webinar, learn the "7 Golden Rules of Story Telling" along with techniques and tools to create a magical moment with your child.

Giving Children Their Story

Children impacted by trauma have a hard time settling their nervous systems. This webinar gives numerous strategies and techniques for parents and teachers to use to help children learn to regulate and settle.

Helping Children Regulate


The Trauma-Sensitive Classroom

Stress at the level of trauma profoundly impacts a child's ability to learn, process, retain, and retrieve information. Learn how to create a trauma-informed classroom to help children succeed at school.


Ever found yourself emotionally hijacked during the most stressful moments with your child, unable to stay calm? Learn strategies and techniques to keep from getting pulled into the negative vortex.

Staying Regulated Through the F-Bombs


If you can measure the magnitude of sibling rivalry on the Richter schol in your home, this is for you! Solutions to ending sibling rivalry and ways to meet the needs of all your children are discussed.

Sibling Rivalry


Waking up happy isn't easy, especially when you are raising a child with difficlut behaviors. Find out how to ge find happiness, even when your family dynamics are chaotic and draining.

Finding Happiness


No matter how much time you take to explain how your children are different, do you still find yourself frustrated during family visits? Join Heather as she offers ways to deal with your in-laws (and outlaws).

Surviving the Holidays


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