The Trauma-Informed Online Academy



​Unlock the full potential of your schools faculty and staff by giving them the one-on one, individualized training they deserve. With around the clock access to educational experts at the click of a button your school will engage in a smoother transition into becoming a Trauma-Informed team while remaining on the same page. 

What do you get? 

  • Unlimited ID’s and Passwords for all staff (teachers, administrators, substitute teachers, paraprofessionals, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, etc.).

  • 10 extra usernames/passwords for parents who are currently dealing with trauma in their families.

  • Personal Learning Plan for yourself and your entire Leadership Committee (Use the PLP to help choose professional development content that is directly targeted to your areas of need and interest.)

  • The ability to track the progress made by your Leadership Committee throughout the school year

  • Assignments tailored specifically to the difficult behaviors traumatized children exhibit 

  • How to/not to videos on engaging with children who are exhibiting difficult behaviors

  • Training right at your fingertips, 24/7. T

  • The flexibility and freedom of learning at your, and your teams, own pace.

  • Learning in the comfort of your own space versus sitting in a 3-day long training and feeling like you didn't quite catch everything and wondering if your students are behaving well-enough for the substitute.  

Module 2: Classroom Examples of Unproductive and Productive Student Interventions - High School

Silent Refusal - Student Refuses to Complete an Assignment

Outbursts - Student Becomes Aggressive in the Classroom

Abandonment - Student Disrespects his teacher

Transitions - Student Struggles with End of Year Transition

Fairness - Student Refuses to Take Off His Hoodie

Volatility - Student Refuses to Put Her Phone Away

Attention Seeking - Dealing with the Class Clown

Compromised Safety - Student Runs Out of Class


Which of the following is a valuable action to take as students transition into your classroom?

A. Talking to another teacher 
B. Prepping materials at your desk 
C. Responding to emails 
D. Greeting and connecting with each student as they enter            the classroom 
E. None of the Above 

APPROX: 2 hours 15 mins

Module 3: Classroom Examples of Unproductive and Productive Student Interventions - Elementary

Outbursts - Two Students Bring an Argument into the Class

Transitions - Student Refuses to Transition to a New Lesson

Unexpected Change - Student Misbehaves for Substitute

Abandonment - Student Disrupts All the Other Students


In the productive version of the scenario where the student hastrouble transitioning from one subject to another, when the teacher calls the class over to the rug, the student who struggles with transition does which of the following?

A. Closes up his work and heads to the rug 

B. Throws his papers on the floor and storms out of the room 
C. Continues working quietly at his desk, finishing up the                problems that he and his teacher agreed he could finish 
D. Shouts that he’s not done and doesn’t go to the rug 
E. None of the Above 

APPROX: 2 hours 15 mins


So, how does it work?

The head of your Trauma-Informed Leadership Committee will contact Scott Elias at either or 215.534.5158 to register your school/district. ​(You can also have your allocated Trauma-Informed Leadership Head fill out the contact form below)

Once your school/district has been registered, all staff members will have an unlimited 15-month subscription to all 6 of the resources in the Trauma-Informed Online Academy. This essential set of support materials ensures that every staff member will be able to log in, watch, learn and discuss. Build a school support team so students who have experienced trauma get the help they need. 

Logging into your portal

Need help getting around? 

Below is are a couple of quick tutorials to help lead you though the Trauma-Informed Online Academy platform. 

Navigating Your Current Course
Navigating the Video Library - Self Guided Learning
Using the Discussion Board
LEADER - Creating Your Teams Personal Learning Plan
LEADER - Managing Your Schools Courses
LEADER - Adding OPTIONAL Due Dates on Assignments
LEADER - Using Course Templates to Create Courses

For more information or to register, please contact us at: 

Frequently asked questions

How many Log In codes and Usernames does my team get?

Your participation in The Trauma-Informed Online Academy grants your school unlimited ID’s and Passwords for all staff (teachers, administrators, substitute teachers, paraprofessionals, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, etc.). You will also be provided with 10 extra codes specifically for parents who are currently dealing with trauma in their families.

Are all of the schools within my district provided with User ID's and Passwords?

Unfortunately not, unless they have also enrolled in The Trauma-Informed Online Academy.

My "Current Course" is empty, what do I do?

If you are the Leader of the team, it is up to you to build a course for your team. While it may seem daunting there are a plethora of templates available for your use. You are also welcome to create from scratch. You know your team and it's needs best so have fun with this. If you are a team member, please contact your one of your leaders.

What if there are scenarios not covered?

If you would like to see a topic covered that was not covered, please contact _________. Our team is continuously working to enhance our platform and include a wider range of topics. We want your teams to be the most up-to-date in Trauma-Informed teaching.

Will you be developing a system in which we can connect globally?

We do hope to expand our program in the future to allow global communication with schools enrolled in The Academy but have no date at this time.

Will completing courses count as CEU's?

Unfortunately no. However, you do recieve a certificate of completion.

Will Heather T. Forbes and Jim Sporleder be engaging?

Yes!! They hope to be able to engage with the schools enrolled in the Trauma-Informed Academy! While we don't know exactly what this looks like at this point in time, stay tuned because it is in the works.